Our Work

Our Commitment to Local Leadership


 Bochika’s work is grounded in the belief that strong community leadership creates lasting development change. Bochika’s capacity development strategy provides organizational and program support to leaders of local organizations through a hands-on partnership approach that includes: administrative and leadership skills building, assessments and strategic planning, the implementation of global visibility and donor matching strategies, and the sharing of other best practices for cost-effective and financially sustainable programs.


Creating Meaningful Partnerships


 Bochika yearly initiatives consist of partnering and providing organizational and program assistance to two to four partner organizations a year.

Thematic Areas of Work

  • Organizational Development
  • Global Visibility
  • Support Global Volunteerism


How We Choose Our Partners


 Bochika seeks to work with local leaders and organizations whose work is positively changing the lives of persons living in marginalized and impoverished communities. Partnerships are considered year-round and are selected by our administrative staff and approved by the Board of Directors. Partner organizations must show a need for organizational and program development and must be actively working with persons and communities that are considered marginalized. A marginalized person or community is one that is limited by the lack or access to basic human needs such as proper housing, water and sanitation, and food and proper nutrition.


A Partnership with Bochika Includes


  • Participatory assessments that measures organizational, program, and global visibility
  • Assessment is accompanied by establishing goals and benchmarks during a 18 to 36 month period
  • Ongoing capacity building to help the partner reach goals and benchmarks established and assure that all developments are aligned with their mission and vision
  • Improve administrative practices to enable a partner organization to independently mange an international grant on their own.
  • Seek and acquire outside resources and expert support to help partner reach development goals and benchmarks
  • Expand a partner’s global visibility to improve awareness and financial sustainability by improving organizational accountability to supporters, implement online communication strategies based on best practices, networking. Bochika seeks to be a “Window to the World” for its partners.