Haiti’s First Sustainable Sanitation Conference Off to a Great Start! | SOIL

Bochika is in Haiti for the First National Sanitation conference, which began today. The conference, hosted by SOIL and UNICEF, and sponsored by Bochika & Sanco,was full well ahead of the registration deadline; with over 150 people from over 50 organizations attending. The multilingual conference is the first of its kind in Haiti and we expect it will become an annual event as Haiti sets an international standard for what can be accomplished with sustainable sanitation solutions. We’re thrilled at the turnout today and to be part if this amazing conference.
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Read more from SOIL Director Dr. Sasha Kramer here: http://www.oursoil.org/haitis-first-sustainable-sanitation-conference-off-to-a-great-start/



  1. Stephanie Rayburn


    I am a Urban Agriculture volunteer with J/P HRO in Delmas 32. We are in the beginning stages of implementing a demonstration garden at new our community center campus.

    I know Cite Soleil has had great success with the garden project, and I would really like to pay a visit to the site. I would also love to be in touch with someone who could chat with me about their experience in the project.

    Is there a Haitian project manager who might be willing to host a visit to the garden and speak with me about it?

    Many thanks for your work-


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