World Water Missions

World Water Missions installed a water-filtration system on the site of the Tap Tap Garden, a program of Bochika and SAKALA-Pax Christi Ayiti.  Thanks to the  Georgia (USA) based non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe drinking water to Third World Countries and Emergency Response needs, the youth participants of SAKALA now have access to clean water for drinking and sanitation.

The water will be collected in a large underground systern, then piped into three large water tanks, purchased by Bochika, and then distributed to the community and pumped out to water the garden (eliminating any concern that contaminated water could affect food grown in the garden).  The clean water will also be used in the hand-washing station that will accompany the new Eco-San toilet being built by SOIL, with support from Bochika.

To learn about World Water Missions, visit, email [email protected], or call (770) 883-6410.

World Water Missions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation registered in Georgia  (USA)

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